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Go Big or Go Home - 5 x 200L Refill (MIN224)



Yep, this is the big one. We are offering our biggest ever saving on our products and they are delivered in our Miniml Steel Drums. 

The bundle includes the following: 

  • Washing Up Liquid - 200L
  • Anti-Bac Surface Cleaner - 200L 
  • Laundry Liquid - 200L
  • Fabric Conditioner - 200L
  • Anti-Bac Hand Soap - 200L

You are saving a total of £288 compared with buying these products as 20L containers.

*Please make sure your premise is accessible for our trolley (on our van route) or you able to assist if its on a courier (outside van route). There should be no steps and adequate parking outside too. As well as this there is a £30 charge if the drum is returned damaged or not returned in 12 months.

Go Big or Go Home - 5 x 200L Refill (MIN224)