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Eco Hair & Beauty Bundle



Our Hair & Beauty Bundle gives you all you need to keep your hair and body looking clean and smooth for longer.

The bundle includes the following depending on your choice 

Glass Packaging

  • Hair Shampoo - 500ML Glass Pump
  • Hair Conditioner - 500ML Glass Pump
  • Bodywash & Bubblebath - 500ML Glass Pump
  • Hand & Body Lotion - 500ML Glass Pump


PET Packaging

  • Hair Shampoo - 500ML PET Flip
  • Hair Conditioner - 500ML PET Flip
  • Bodywash & Bubblebath - 500ML PET Flip
  • Hand & Body Lotion - 500ML PET Pump
We have included a big cost saving in this bundle so you can do more with less. 

Eco Hair & Beauty Bundle