Return Your Empties

How it works

We deliver award winning, planet- friendly household and personal care products to your door without all the nasty single use plastic
Your favourite Miniml products will arrive at your door, of course with eco, planet friendly packaging!
Refill your bottle with either 5L or 1L refill pouch.
Pop empties in the postage envelope. Scroll down to find more info on our returns process.
We clean and re-use your empty packaging.

Your bottle forever

At Miniml, we have designed an infinitely reusable packaging process designed to combat plastic waste at every stage on the supply chain. Our refill containers are designed to be returned to Miniml HQ to be cleaned and re-used again and again...and again!

Refilling made easy

What Can I Return?

You can return either 4 x 5 litre refill containers or 4 x 1 litre refill containers

How to return empties?

To return 5L jerrycans:
- Scan the QR code at the back of the label to access our returns portal.
- Enter your Miniml order number or any 4 digits if you purchased our refills elsewhere.
- Print out your returns label or arrange for a courier collection of your empties with Royal Mail services.
- Pack at least 4 empties in the box and drop them off at your local post office or wait for a courier collection.

To return 1L pouches:
- Order a pre-paid envelope when purchasing refill pouches.
- Collect at least 4 empty refill pouches.
- Pop in your empties in the returns envelope and drop them off in your local post box.
- No need to add any labels or postmarks as our Freepost envelopes are pre-paid!

What happens when the containers when they are returned?

At Miniml HQ we have a large industrial washer to clean and re-use empty containers, they are then put back into production to use again and again!

What are the 1L Pouches made of?

They are both made from a multi-layer plastic (PET & PP). 'Why?' you ask! This is because pure plastic increases both the strength and durability of the refills as they have essentially been designed to be reused over and over again. The reason we haven’t used Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material is that the pouch wouldn’t be as strong or durable so wouldn’t last as long in our closed loop process. As well as this we are using a non-thermal sanitation process which involves UVC light and this wouldn’t be compatible with PCR materials as they can contain impurities that can be impacted by the UVC light.

How are the pouches cleaned and sanitised?

The pouches will be cleaned and sanitised via non-thermal sanitation process as the material is flexible and not as durable as our other HDPE 5L and 20L refills. This further reduces the degradation of the material compared with chemical or heated sanitation processes allowing for the longevity of the pouch within our closed loop system. 

Find Your Nearest Refill Station

We don't believe in single use plastic or recycling that's why we reuse and refill every bottle that we supply to create a completely zero waste supply chain.