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We want our eco refillable cleaning, laundry and personal care products to be accessible to everyone. We try our hardest to ensure no one is left out, so see below for how we can accommodate you.

UK Delivery

Weight Price Estimated Delivery Time
Up to 2.5kg £2.90 GBP 2 to 6 Working Days*
2.5kg to 20kg £5.00 GBP 2 to 6 Working Days*
20kg to 50kg £10.00 GBP 2 to 6 Working Days*
50kg to 100kg £20.00 GBP 2 to 6 Working Days*
100kg Plus £45.00 GBP (Pallet) 2 to 6 Working Days*
N/A Free Over £800 2 to 6 Working Days*
Product Group Average Weight Wholesale Case Sizes
500ML Bottle
0.5kg 12
1L Bottle 1kg 8
5L Jerrycan 5kg 1
20L Jerrycan 20kg 1
0.1kg 1 to 12


Under 100 Miles Allocated Delivery Days
Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
West Yorkshire
Cumbria Greater Manchester South Yorkshire East Yorkshire
Harrogate Lancashire Manchester Sheffield North Yorkshire
Lake District Cheshire Nottinghamshire County Durham
Liverpool  Derbyshire Newcastle
Merseyside Leicestershire


Delivery Van Order deadlines very strict

Monday: Thursday 5pm

Tuesday: Friday 5pm

Wednesday: Monday 5pm

Thursday: Tuesday 5pm

Friday: Wednesday 5pm


Our pallet deliveries take up to 5 working days. Please let us know if you have any specific delivery preferences.