Closed Loop System - Revolutionising Cleaning and Personal Care

Miniml is not just another cleaning brand. We have set out to change the way you consume these products at home! What sets us apart from other eco-friendly brands? Our pioneering Closed Loop System! Read ahead to find out how our closed loop system and other eco-conscious practices at Miniml help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability at the Heart.

Here at Miniml, we believe in refilling over recycling. With plastic waste being a growing issue in the UK and globally, we thought about ways to not only reduce the packaging waste but remove it from our supply chain completely. 
Plastic is everywhere, and we can’t get rid of it quickly enough, so why not reuse what we already have - to minimise the need for new packaging? Our Closed Loop system was born here in Yorkshire, as an innovative solution for our business, consumers, and the environment at once. 

What is a Closed Loop System?

Our system is both simple and effective. It starts with us making the product in a forever-bottle , designed to be refilled again and again. Whether you're in need of eco-friendly cleaning products or personal care essentials, our range has got you covered. 
Refilling your forever-bottle is a breeze, whether you choose to shop our 1L and 5L refills online or visit one of our fantastic independent stockists. What’s even better, refilling is not only good for the planet but also for your piggy bank! By reducing the amount of packaging, we are able to keep the costs competitive, so you can top up for cheaper using our refills, or pay only for as much or as little product as you need when you visit a local refill shop.
Eventually, we offer free returns on all empty refills. No need to pre-wash them! Simply scan a QR code at the back of your product label to access our pre-paid returns portal, and send it back to our factory to be cleaned and reused over and over again.

More than a trend.

By making our Closed Loop System accessible and affordable, we are determined to make eco-friendly choices not only a trend for the chosen, but a normal manufacturing and consumption practice in every business and household. Our non-toxic ingredients, sustainable formulations, and refillable packaging are safe for the whole family and is a must-have switch to build a greener future in the UK. 

Join the Revolution

At Miniml, we're proud to be leading the revolution in cleaning and personal care consumption. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a greener future. Thanks to our efforts and dedication, Miniml is now recognised as the fastest-growing Zero Waste business in the UK! By making the switch to our Closed Loop System, you're not just making a purchase – you're making a positive change for yourself and our future generations.

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