Defeating Smelly Gym Clothes: Your Guide to Fresh Gym Wear

As you embark on a new year filled with resolutions, conquering the gym and avoiding the dreaded workout gear stench is a common challenge. Fear not, fitness enthusiasts! We've compiled a straightforward guide on how to keep your gym clothes smelling as fresh as your commitment to regular exercise.

The Wash Cycle: Gym Clothes Edition

1. Pick a Kind Detergent:

Opt for a detergent that's easy on both your clothes and the environment. Harsh chemicals can break down fabric fibers and even lock in unwanted smells! Non-bio detergents, such as Miniml’s Non-Bio Laundry Detergent, have an additional benefit of being gentle on sensitive skin as they don’t include enzymes. As we know sweating increases the skin’s sensitivity, therefore such gentle detergent is a great choice for keeping your gym gear in top shape while being kind to your skin.

2. Cold Water Wash:

Stick to cold water for washing your gym clothes. Despite the fact that hot water works best for most cleaning purposes, this is not true when it comes to fabric stains and odours. Hot water only increases the chance of them settling into the fabric and makes it harder for you to remove them. Cold water only does it preserve the elasticity of your workout gear, but it also fights off lingering odours more effectively.

3. Vinegar or Soda Bicarb Boost:

Boost your laundry game with natural odour fighters. For particularly tough stains and stubborn smells, adding a cup of white vinegar or baking soda to your wash helps eliminate lingering smells. Don't worry; the vinegar scent won't stick around.

4. Air Dry, Not Tumble Dry:

If you have a tumble dryer, consider air drying your gym clothes instead. Agitation and extreme heat will not only damage the fibres of your clothing, but will also amplify odours. The gentler approach protects the fabric's elasticity, extending the life of your workout gear and reducing your environmental impact.

5. Fresh Air Magic:

Take advantage of the few UK's dry and breezy days. Hanging your gym clothes outside not only dries them naturally but also helps eliminate smells. The high humidity is no match for a good airing under the open sky.

Smelly Towels? Not Anymore!

Dry Before The Washing Cycle:

Think ahead: After a workout, hang your towel to dry instead of leaving it in a damp heap. When a wet towel is scrunched up in a gym bag or laundry basket for days, it will inevitably grow more bacteria and increase the damp smell which will be extra difficult to get rid of later on. 

Eco-Friendly Softeners:

Keep your towels soft with eco-friendly fabric softeners. These options are kind to your skin, your towels, and the environment, ensuring your post-workout experience is as comfortable as possible. Adding ½ cup of vinegar to your washing cycle will not only keep your towels soft and germ-free, but also will give an extra boost of odour-fighting properties.  

Air Drying Tips for Gym Clothes:

1. Strategic Air Drying:

Indeed, tumble dryers can be a great help in a cold and damp climate, and we fully understand the frustration of drying your clothes in closed spaces. You're lucky if you have a sunny day to hang your washing outdoors, but if you don't - don't give up! For the best results, make the most of your indoor drying space. Dry your towels and gym clothes in well-ventilated areas, near windows or open doors. Hang your t-shirts on hangers and place them on the curtain rail near an open window to allow an extra breeze if needed. This simple adjustment ensures efficient drying without resorting to tumble dryers.

2. Fans and gadgets:

Keep the air circulating with fans and open windows. Maximising airflow is crucial, especially in high humidity. Let nature work its magic in banishing odors from your gym clothes.

In areas prone to high humidity, consider using dehumidifiers. These devices maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing the development of that stubborn gym clothes scent. It's a practical solution for a common problem and can cost as little as 14p per hour.

Embarking on a new year of resolutions means not just elevating our health but also ensuring our workout gear stays as fresh as our commitment. Here's to a year of practical tips and fresh workouts! 🌿🏋️‍♂️✨

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