Earthian Zero Waste Shop: A Sustainable Partnership with Miniml

Have you ever wondered what happens when a determined zero-waste shop teams up with a like minded supplier? A Winchester based business, Earthian Zero Waste Shop is one of our Miniml stockists with a mutual mission to save the planet from plastic waste and toxic chemicals. Here’s how Miniml contributed to the Earthian’s business and their local community so far.

Earthian’s Origins: 

In the year of 2020, amidst the start of the pandemic, the Earthian’s owner Katie committed to the new business despite the uncertainty and potential restrictions. Fuelled by a passion for waste reduction, she created a sanctuary for green-minded folks, where sustainable living is the norm. Although the choice was risky, there was a growing demand for packaging-free products, therefore the obstacles did not slow down the opening and growth of her shop. 

Joining Miniml’s Closed Loop System.


The main goal of Earthian’s business was to find Closed Loop suppliers - manufacturers that not just provide recyclable packaging, but take it back to be reused again and again. When it came to choosing the supplier of household liquids, Miniml ticked all the boxes. Reusable packaging, as well as products that are free from sulphates, palm oil, and other nasties, made it a clear choice. Stocking Miniml since day one at Earthian, Katie started with our small range of 10 products which has now evolved to a full range collection of 30 products. By choosing Miniml’s Closed Loop products, Earthian managed to reduce the packaging waste in her shop and at their customers’ home. Started with 10 products and now to stockin our full range of 30 products,

Refill Revolution: 

Earthian Zero Waste Shop has spared 12,000 plastic bottles from landfill doom! By providing bulk refills to our stockist in the sizes of up to 200L, Earthian has been able to give new life to 200 - 300 litres of cleaning and personal care liquids every month. Refilling and reusing never looked this cool.

Performance that Pops: 

Here's the scoop: Customers adore Earthian Zero Waste Shop's offerings and rave about Miniml's A-game performance. Our non-Bio Laundry Detergent and Eco Fabric Conditioner are bestsellers amongst their visitors that proves going green doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Competitive pricing, natural ingredients, and invigorating scents have set Miniml apart from other eco and conventional, big brand names.

Miniml’s partnership with Earthian is a power-packed partnership that's all about action, not just words. Together, we're fuelling eco-friendly choices, sparking change, and turning the planet a shade greener. With every refill, every container saved, we make sustainability a journey we can all embark on.

Looking to find your local refill shop that stocks Miniml? Go to our Stockist Finder to search for your nearest store!

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