Eco White Vinegar Hype - Is it Worth It?

White Vinegar is a staple product in many households. Naturally distilled from grains or cane sugar, it is such a simple and natural product that can save you costs and time spent doing chores and gardening. In this post, you can read about the diversity of white vinegar uses and hacks, as well as discover whether switching to eco white vinegar is worth it.

1. Remove Limescale from taps and shower glass.

A natural vinegar component- acetic acid, is a great solution for removing even the most stubborn limescale. Spray the surface with the liquid and let it do its work for 5-10 minutes. Simply wipe it off, no need to rinse! You’ll be surprised how easily the limescale comes off.

Wait, that’s not everything! Your kettle deserves sprucing up too: Add equal parts of vinegar and water to the appliance and bring it to the boil. The nasty limescale will come off before you see it, with no harmful chemicals attached!

2. Remove mould with a bleach alternative!

Unlike bleach, white vinegar works on both, porous and non-porous surfaces, such as wood and marble. It’s great at killing germs and 80% of mould species, including the famous black mould! Vinegar kills the fungus at its root, preventing it from coming back later. Spray affected areas and leave the liquid to do its magic. If you’re not a fan of the strong vinegar smell in your home, try our Sorrento Lemon scented white vinegar with a 100% natural lemon fragrance!

3. Keep your towels fluffy, disinfect your bedding, and remove pet odours

There is a non-toxic treatment for all your fabrics and it’s none other than... white vinegar! A great alternative if you’re allergic to artificial scents or chemicals, this solution is kind to your general health, skin and appliances.

  • For disinfecting: Add it to your detergent drawer for a hot wash to disinfect the bedding after a flu or viral infection.
  • As a fabric conditioner: Add ½ cup of vinegar to a conditioner drawer. Your clothes will come out clean and soft - smelling fresh, with no vinegar scent attached! For a fragrant option, feel free to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to make your washing smell amazing for days!
  • To remove pet odours: Spray the affected area and leave it to do its work. White vinegar doesn’t just remove the unpleasant urine smell but also prevents your pet from having an accident in the same spot in the future.

4. Make your mirrors and windows shine streak-free!


White vinegar is great for shining glass and polishing metal surfaces! Whether you do a thorough spring clean or a regular wipe-around, this solution will keep your windows and mirrors flawless. Simply spray the liquid and wipe it with a sustainable glass cleaning cloth or an old newspaper. Bonus hack: vinegar will keep your bathroom mirrors from fogging up too!

All these and many more hacks can be found on our Tiktok and Instagram social channels. Join our online community!

Comparing Miniml Eco White Vinegar to Supermarket Brands

Needless to say, white vinegar is a simple product, so what makes our Eco White Vinegar different? Miniml Eco White Vinegar quality matches other popular vinegar brands. It is naturally distilled, with no ammonia or petroleum derivatives added, therefore it’s a great non-toxic alternative for your household.

Eco Vinegar is safe to use around pets, children, and it’s harmless to the environment! Nevertheless, our packaging is what keeps us ahead of conventional labels. Fully believing in refilling over recycling, we provide reusable packaging thanks to our Closed Loop Supply Chain. You can purchase our vinegar in various sizes, from 500ml to 20 litres, with an option to return your empty refills to us for free, to be cleaned and reused over and over again. Pick up our pre-filled forever-bottle for a more comfortable handling at home and use one of our refills to top up your product for cheaper!
Alternatively, you can visit one of our independent stockists to fill up as much or as little product as you need, at a fraction of the cost - using the bottle you already have. It’s easier than ever to wave goodbye to single use plastic with Miniml!

Vinegar that smells like Lemons?!

For those disfavouring vinegar scent, our Sorrento Lemon Eco White Vinegar is a perfect alternative! Blended with a 100% natural essential oil, the citrusy fragrance covers the powerful scent and makes your cleaning area smell zesty! Regardless of which vinegar option you choose, both our 5% strength vinegars will meet all your cleaning needs!

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