Go Plastic Waste Free This Plastic Free July

Do you underestimate your contribution to plastic waste pollution? According to statistics updated in early 2023, it’s estimated that on average, UK households throw out approximately 100 billion plastic packaging pieces each year - that’s about 66 pieces per week!

Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to natural habitat disruption, endangering not only wildlife, but also our health. Micro plastics can now be found even in the human bloodstream! So how can we fix this problem, realistically?

Plastic Vs Plastic Waste

Plastic is used in many industries, including manufacturing and healthcare. Currently, some of the suitable plastic alternatives for these industries have been proven less durable or more expensive - reducing the affordability of products and services. For example, glass is fragile, heavier to transport and recycle, producing even more emissions than recycling plastic. However, bioplastics are 2 or 3 times more expensive than conventional plastic as they are still new to the packaging industry. So how can we tackle the growing issue while scientists are coming up with more affordable options?

Since modern-day recycling was introduced half a century ago, it is commonly believed that it is the best way to solve the plastic waste problem. In reality, less than 12% of plastic gets recycled in the UK. The rest ends up in the oceans, landfills, sent to 3rd world countries, or it simply gets burned.

It would be a massive task and a damaging consequence to get rid of all plastic at once, forcing everyone to switch to completely plastic-free solutions: For every 1 tonne of plastic waste burned, 2.9 tonnes of carbon emissions are created, meaning that we’re on track to emit 2.8 gigatons of CO2 per year by 2050. It still seems like a dead end, doesn’t it?

The Zero-Waste Solution is in our Hands!

Reusing existing packaging is our top choice. Plastic can be recycled only 2-3 times, whereas we can reuse it 10x more, with no harm to the planet. Here at Miniml, we have implemented a Closed Loop System, helping our business and customers to eliminate plastic waste by providing a wide range of household and personal care product refills, whether they prefer shopping online or at their local refill store. We believe making refilling affordable and accessible is a key to making the sustainable transition, well…sustainable.

Our factory uses a one-of-a-kind industrial washer to carefully clean and sanitise the packaging, ensuring no impurities are formed in the sanitation process. Only after thorough testing, our jerry cans are filled with new products and put back on our shelves.

Refill and Save!

Refilling not only helps to save the environment but also saves the costs of packaging. Our Closed Loop System has helped us reduce production costs and maintain competitive prices. Choose from a range of Miniml Cleaning, Laundry, and Personal Care products. Refill at your local stockist for a fraction of the cost, or subscribe to our 1L or 5L refills to get your top-up delivered straight to your door, as often as you need!

Join Miniml #Refillution this Plastic Free July!

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Fresh Laundry Bundle

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Washing Up Liquid - Wild Rhubarb + Lemon - 1L Refill (100 Washes)

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White Vinegar - Sorrento Lemon - Bulk Refill

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I love your closed loop system. Makes perfect sense! Miniml’s range of non toxic cleaning liquids work well eg washing up liquid, surface cleaner, toilet cleaner, and I’m lucky in having enough space to store them all in 5litr bottles. Free postage to send them back when empty is great. Saves a huge amount of plastic knowing they’ll be reused. Thanks Miniml!


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