Autumn Spider Invasion: Natural Ways to Keep Eight-Legged Intruders at Bay

As the vibrant foliage of summer begins to fade and the air turns crisper, there's an undeniable charm to the arrival of autumn. However, along with the cosy sweaters and pumpkin-spiced everything, this season also brings unwelcome guests into our homes: spiders. Instead of reaching for toxic chemicals, let's explore some natural ways to keep these eight-legged intruders at bay this autumn.

Essential Oils as a Natural Spider Repellent

Harness the power of essential oils to create a fragrant barrier that spiders detest. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender oils are known for their spider-repelling properties. Mix a few drops of your chosen oil with water and spritz it in the corners of your rooms and around windows and doors. The pleasant aroma will fill your home while sending spiders packing.

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Keep a Tidy Abode

Spiders are like tiny detectives looking for hidden nooks and crannies to set up camp. By keeping your home clean and clutter-free, you eliminate potential hiding spots. Regularly dust and vacuum to remove cobwebs and spider eggs, and pay special attention to dark corners, behind furniture, and under beds.

Create a Citrus Barrier

Spiders have a strong aversion to citrus scents. Take advantage of this by rubbing citrus peels along windowsills, door frames, and other potential entry points. You can also make a citrus-infused spray by boiling water with lemon or orange peels and then spraying it around your home.

White Vinegar Spider Spray

White vinegar is a versatile natural cleaner and spider repellent. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and use it to wipe down surfaces and corners where spiders tend to lurk. The acidic scent deters them from returning.

Miniml's Sorrento Lemon Vinegar is a great combination of zingy citrus oil and vinegar, making it a double-strength solution to combat a spider invasion in your home!

Introduce Houseplants

While you're making your home less spider-friendly, consider adding some houseplants known for their spider-repelling properties. Mint, basil, and rosemary not only add a touch of greenery to your interiors but also deter spiders with their natural scents.

Concoct a Natural Spider Spray

soap, and a few drops of essential oil (eucalyptus or peppermint work well). Spray this solution around windows, doors, and other entry points. The soap helps the mixture adhere to surfaces, and the oils will keep spiders away.

Turn Off Outdoor Lights

Spiders are drawn to light sources, as they attract other insects that spiders feed on. Reduce the attraction by turning off outdoor lights when not needed, or consider switching to yellow or sodium-vapor bulbs, which are less attractive to insects.

Regularly Prune Vegetation

If your garden is close to your house, keep it well-maintained by trimming overgrown bushes and trees. Spiders can use these as a bridge to access your home. By keeping vegetation in check, you limit their access points.


As autumn arrives in all its golden glory, you can enjoy the season without worrying about unwelcome spider guests. By employing these natural methods, you'll keep your home spider-free, all while embracing the comforting atmosphere of the season. So, get your essential oils, citrus peels, and houseplants ready, and bid adieu to the little crawlers the eco-friendly way!


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