Is Your Washing Up Liquid Safe? Discover The Perfect Solution for Clean Dishes & a Healthy Planet.


Ever wondered what's in your washing up liquid? From entering groundwaters, to ending up in your digestive system, this everyday helper in your kitchen is more than just soap and bubbles! By understanding what's inside, you can make smarter choices for your home and the environment.

The Dirty Truth About Conventional Dish Soaps:

SLS: One of the most common ingredients found in conventional washing up liquids is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). This powerful surfactant is what creates all those lovely bubbles, but it comes with some not-so-lovely side effects.

When SLS gets washed down the drain, it doesn't just disappear. Instead, it can end up in our waterways, where it can be toxic to aquatic life. SLS can also linger in the environment, contributing to pollution and harming delicate ecosystems.

But it's not just the environment that suffers – our skin can feel the effects too. SLS is known to be a skin irritant for some people, causing dryness, redness, and itching. For those with sensitive skin, using products containing SLS can be especially problematic.

So, when it comes to choosing a washing up liquid, opting for one without SLS can be a smart move for both your skin and the planet. 

Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes: More Harm Than Good?

Synthetic fragrances can contain a concoction of chemicals, some of which can be irritating to the skin and respiratory system. Not to mention, they can be a nightmare for those with allergies or sensitivities.

As for synthetic dyes, they serve no real purpose other than to give your washing up liquid that vibrant hue. But do we really need our dish soap to be a certain shade of blue or green? Probably not.

Impact on Digestive Health: What You Need to Know

What about the impact of conventional washing up liquids on our digestive health? It's a valid concern, if you tend to leave some bubbles on the plates before putting them on a drying rack. Considering that residue from dish soap can linger on dishes and utensils, it can easily make its way into our food.

Some of these conventional ingredients, such as SLS and synthetic dyes, can disrupt the delicate balance of our digestive systems. While the risk may be low, it's still something to consider, especially if you have young children who are more prone to putting things in their mouths.

By opting for an eco-friendly washing up liquid, you can reduce the risk of exposing yourself and your family to potentially harmful chemicals. With natural, plant-based ingredients, you can wash your dishes with confidence, knowing that you're not compromising your health in the process.

Is Miniml a good alternative for you?


Miniml washing up liquid is free from SLS, parabens, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. Formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients, our solution is safe for you and the planet!

Our products undergo rigorous testing and are endorsed by eco-conscious consumers. Whether you're tackling a mountain of dirty dishes or just giving your pots and pans a quick rinse, Miniml has got you covered.

Ready to make the switch to eco-friendly dishwashing? Check out our Good Housekeeping approved Apple Orchard Eco Washing Up Liquid and start scrubbing with confidence! 



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