Reducing Waste & Growing Community: Miniml's Impact in Bovey Tracey

In the heart of a charming market town Bovey Tracey lies a zero-waste shop Bovey Larder that opened its doors in November 2020, aiming to meet the need for sustainable shopping. Their focus wasn’t just an established eco-conscious community; they also attracted the older crowd keen on refills and meaningful conversations while steering clear of plastic waste. Thanks to a welcoming environment and friendly conversations, the shop has become a favourite hub to share community plans and ideas.

Discovering Miniml: A Fitting Choice

When looking for brands to stock in their shop, The owners agreed to only consider brands that show genuine effort in avoiding plastic waste. Their research prior to opening led to Miniml, a company that checked all their sustainability boxes. Since day one, Miniml's products have been an integral part of their product range.



Together with their customers, they've made a significant impact, saving over 6,500 plastic bottles since 2020. The most popular Miniml items? Laundry liquid, fabric softener, and washing-up liquid, appreciated for their effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. Located in a rural area in Devon, Miniml’s products have become a top choice of products that are safe for septic tanks!


Apart from stocking Miniml’s refillable household and personal care products, Bovey Larder offers refillable grains, cereals, nuts, and they have saved 2’000 tetrapacks by offering oat milk refills!

Future Aspirations


Looking ahead, the shop owners envision a future where eco-shopping becomes the norm. Their goal extends beyond retail—to create a space where the community engages in conversations and fosters a mindful approach to living sustainably.

The collaboration between Miniml and Bovey Larder shop isn’t just about commerce. It’s a joint effort, making tangible strides toward a more sustainable future. Together, we are influencing a quiet but impactful revolution, one refill and one mindful choice at a time.

Support your local refill shop and visit for a fresh refill! Looking to find one? Head to our Stockist finder to discover your nearest Miniml stockists.

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