How Much Plastic?! 🤯 Reflecting On a Year Of Sustainability at Miniml

As we wrap up 2023, it's a momentous occasion to look back at Miniml's incredible journey throughout this year. It's been a period of substantial growth, innovation, and unwavering dedication to sustainability that has defined our path. Read ahead to discover incredible news on how much single-use plastic we've saved from ending up in landfill this year!

Starting 2023 With a Launch - Good Human Skincare.


We started the year with a significant milestone—introducing Good Human Skincare in January 2023. This line of refillable skincare products isn’t just about personal care; it’s a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Formulated with skin-friendly, planet-friendly ingredients, and wrapped in zero-waste packaging, our Good Human has earned tremendous customer feedback, comparing our products to high-end alternatives.

Extending Miniml Range Beyond Humans...


In March, we expanded our commitment to eco-consciousness to our four-legged friends with the launch of our pH balanced, Eco Dog Shampoo. Our aim was to extend the sustainable ethos to every aspect of our customer's life. Formulated with 100% natural Lavender and Chamomile, you can not only maintain a clean and silky fur, but also turn every bath into a relaxing spa session for your pooch.  


Building Meaningful Partnerships.


Have you visited our new partners at Barnado’s or Air Ambulance yet? One of our significant accomplishments this year was a collaboration with the Acopia Group, enabling our products to be available in Air Ambulance and Barnados charity shops. This partnership wasn't just about expanding markets; it was about aligning with causes that resonate deeply with our values—supporting sustainability and community initiatives. 


Growing Sustainable Community Internationally.


Venturing into new territories, we proudly introduced Miniml in the Netherlands this year. This extension of our product range was a significant step in our mission to make sustainable choices accessible to a global audience. With the eco community growing across Europe, we are proud to be part of a sustainable movement in the household industry.  For those shopping in Europe, visit to start your refill journey with Miniml!

Nationally Recognised.


Recognition and appreciation followed our endeavours! Emma, our Co-Founder, received the prestigious Business Growth of the Year Award in the Woman in Business category at the UK Business Awards—a testament to our team's dedication and vision.

Being shortlisted for awards by Barclays and Scale-Up Awards, along with being recognised as the Economic Innovator of the Year by The Spectator in collaboration with Investec, affirmed our commitment to driving sustainable innovation.

 Improving Customer's Favourites.


Our staple product has remained Eco White Vinegar throughout 2023! Oh, the use of this wonder liquid is limitless. However, product enhancement remained a priority for us. Witnessing a successful launch of our first UK-made scented white vinegar last year, we decided to add a new scent to our vinegar range, making your eco-cleaning a breeze every step of the way! Thanks to our Wild Rhubarb scented White Vinegar, you can achieve a squeaky-clean home, minus the vinegar smell.

Tackling Plastic Waste Issue, For Real!

As the year draws to a close, we're thrilled to announce that through our Closed Loop System, we've made a substantial impact in reducing plastic waste, saving 273 tonnes of plastic waste ending up in landfill! This achievement stands as a testament to what collective efforts toward sustainability can achieve.

This journey wouldn't have been possible without the steadfast support of our community—our customers, partners, and advocates. Your dedication drives us to continually strive for excellence in sustainable practices.

As we embark on a new year, let's carry forward the momentum and commitment toward sustainability. Let's continue to innovate, inspire, and create positive change. Thank you for being an integral part of the Miniml journey—a journey toward a more sustainable future, with no plastic waste. 

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White Vinegar - Wild Rhubarb

White Vinegar - Wild Rhubarb

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