Should You Clean In a Particular Order? Save your Time & Efforts With Our Simple Cleaning Tips

Embarking on the task of home cleaning often feels like navigating a complex puzzle. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful routine, causing anxiety and panic. By adopting a thoughtful sequence, your cleaning endeavours can be efficient, effective, and even enjoyable!

Golden Rule: Top-To-Bottom Sequence

The main rule when cleaning is - start at the top and move downwards. When cleaning your home, leave the floors as the very last task of your routine, as it’s more convenient to hoover and mop all house floors together rather than room-by-room. This practice will save you time and help you avoid spreading dirt into clean rooms as you clean.

We recommend starting your cleaning routine with “wet areas”, such as bathroom and kitchen. These rooms require the most attention and usually hoard the most dirt and bacteria - Prioritising the largest tasks will help you make the most out of your cleaning routine. These areas are also most likely to be used during the rest of your cleaning routine, so it’s best to make them clean at the start to avoid spreading germs.

Step 1: Gather Stray Items - Basket Power

Start with a basket. It's not just a container; think of it as your secret weapon against clutter. A quick sweep through the house, tossing in misplaced items, not only clears the floor but also sets the stage for efficient cleaning. The key here is to keep it quick – no need for overthinking; just get things back to where they belong.

Pro Tip: Designate a specific basket for daily use, reducing the need for disposable alternatives.

Step 2: Bathroom Refresh - Quick & Clean


Why begin with the bathroom? It’s a high-impact, wet zone, and tackling it first ensures a fresh and clean start, helping you avoid spreading bacteria as you go. Wipe down surfaces using a multi-surface cleaner to save time. For an efficient toilet refresh, pour the cleaner at the beginning of your routine so the liquid gets time to activate - kill bacteria and remove limescale while you wipe the rest of the bathroom surfaces. Finish by tackling the mirrors for that sparkling touch.

Pro Tip: Keep a squeegee in the shower to quickly wipe down surfaces after each use, reducing the need for deep cleaning sessions.

Step 3: Kitchen Maintenance - Dishwashing Zen

The kitchen is your culinary kingdom, so let’s keep it in top form. Start by loading the dishwasher or hand washing dishes. Follow by checking your fridge for out-of-date products that need to go in the bin. Wipe down greasy fingerprints from cupboard handles and remove crumbs and sticky marks from countertops with an all-purpose cleaner. Lastly, polish your appliances using white vinegar, as it’s a wonder-solution for all shiny surfaces, saving you time and costs on multiple cleaning solutions. 

Pro Tip: Designate a refillable spray bottle for your all-purpose cleaner to minimise plastic waste.

Step 4: Creating a Comfortable Hub in Your Living Room

As per our golden rule - start with dusting! To freshen up your upholstery and eliminate odours, use a spray with natural essential oils, such as Miniml’s Multi-Surface Spray with natural Blood Orange scent. In the end, open the window to let in a breeze of fresh air.

Pro Tip: Use a dry cloth to dust before spraying surfaces and appliances to avoid the dust marks! 

Step 5: Bedroom Organisation - Promoting Tranquility and Order

Make your bed before moving items and dusting to avoid spreading the dust on your sheets and pillows.  A well-made bed and an organised bedroom contribute to a sense of tranquility and order. This step ensures that your private space remains a haven for restful harmony.

Pro-Tip: As our body and skin regeneration peaks at night, it’s important to use laundry products that allow you a toxin-free rest. Use non-bio laundry care to avoid skin flare-ups and discomfort. Miniml’s Laundry Detergent is a perfect choice for linen or satin pillowcases to keep your bedding clean and preserve the fabrics without posing risk to your skin health.

Step 6: Floor Maintenance - Strategic Conclusion


Descend to floor maintenance as the final step. Vacuum carpets, sweep, or mop systematically from the top down. This methodical approach ensures any dislodged dust or debris settles on the floor, becoming the last act in your cleaning routine. It’s a strategic conclusion that maximises the effectiveness of floor cleaning.

Bonus Tip: The 15-Minute Cleanup Challenge - Collaborative Maintenance

Set a timer for 15 minutes and engage in a collective cleanup effort. This brief yet focused challenge maintains the established order and reinforces the importance of consistency in home maintenance. It's a practical way to involve your family and instill a sense of shared responsibility.

We hope you find our tips useful for simplifying your cleaning routine and helps reduce the anxiety around cleaning. After all, It's not just about tasks; it's a strategic choreography ensuring efficiency, cleanliness, and a welcoming home. Embrace this logical approach, and enjoy the seamless flow of maintaining your living space.

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