Sustainable Skincare Tips for Autumn - Featuring Good Human Skincare

As the UK's autumn season ushers in cooler temperatures and lower humidity, your skincare routine requires a transition to accommodate these changes. But fear not, eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts, because you can still nurture your skin while being kind to the environment. In this blog, we'll explore sustainable skincare tips to keep your complexion radiant and healthy during the autumn season, with a special focus on Good Human Skincare, a brand that aligns perfectly with our eco-friendly ethos.

Transitioning Your Autumn Skincare Routine


The transition from summer to autumn can be challenging for your skin. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels can lead to dryness and increased sensitivity. Here are some essential tips to help you maintain healthy, glowing skin during this seasonal shift.

1. Opt for Natural and Locally Sourced Ingredients

Begin your sustainable skincare journey by choosing products that feature natural and locally sourced ingredients. Good Human Skincare embodies this ethos, with formulations that harness the power of nature. Ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, vitamin C, and amino acids not only nourish your skin but also support community-based agriculture and reduce carbon emissions through local sourcing.

2. Transition to a Richer Moisturiser


With autumn's cooler weather, it's time to switch from your lightweight summer moisturiser to a richer, more nourishing option. If your skin struggles to adjust to frequently changing the moisturiser, choose a product that suits all seasons. Good Human Multivitamin Moisturiser is formulated for all skincare types, therefore it is perfect for all weather conditions too. Formulated with protective vitamin C and Niacinamide, this moisturiser is a must-have tin Autumn and Winter!

3. Don't Forget Sun Protection

While UVB rays decrease in autumn, UVA rays, responsible for premature ageing, remain a concern. Continue using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 to protect your skin. If your complexion gets sensitive in the cold weather, opt for mineral sunscreens which form a physical barrier rather than get absorbed into your skin. Bonus fact: mineral sunscreens are safe for the environment too!

4. Exfoliate Mindfully


Exfoliation remains vital in autumn to remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh complexion. However, over-exfoliating can lead to skin sensitivity and environmental concerns. We find that an eco-friendly exfoliant, such as Salicylic Acid, is a great solution to remove the grime and dead skin cells, without overstripping the natural oils in your skin. Naturally found in willow bark, Salicylic Acid creates a perfect blend when mixed with soothing Aloe Vera in Good Human’s Hydrating Cleanser.

6. Invest in Reusable Skincare Tools

Reduce waste by incorporating reusable skincare tools into your routine. Bamboo makeup brushes and reusable makeup remover pads are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable options. These tools, combined with Good Human Skincare's products, create a holistic and sustainable skincare routine.

7. DIY Masks and Treatments

Autumn is ideal for DIY skincare treatments. Create face masks using ingredients like mashed avocado, honey, or oatmeal. These DIY masks are not only eco-friendly but also customisable to meet your specific skincare needs. Pair them with Good Human Skincare's zero-waste products for a complete eco-conscious routine.

The Benefits of Good Human Skincare


Now that you've learned some key sustainable skincare tips for autumn, let's delve deeper into the benefits of incorporating Good Human Skincare into your routine.

Good Human Skincare's commitment to zero waste goes beyond refillable packaging. Our products are fragrance-free, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The use of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, rose water, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids, ensures that you receive high-quality skincare that's gentle on your skin and the environment.

By choosing Good Human Skincare, you support a brand that prioritises sustainability and ethical practices. Our local ingredient sourcing not only reduces environmental impact but also strengthens local communities. Plus, our team’s dedication to zero waste via Closed Loop System helps minimise plastic pollution and contributes to a greener planet.

Start your Good Human Journey today!

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