Transforming Taunton’s Local Communities With My Carbon Coach

My Carbon Coach, a small eco-conscious shop located in Taunton, embarked on a mission to make a significant positive impact on the planet by providing sustainable living solutions to its community. Founded in September 2021 by an environmental science graduate, the business set out to assist people in their journey towards a greener lifestyle. In this blog, we explore how My Carbon Coach partnered with Miniml, to further its mission and create a thriving eco-friendly retail space.



The journey of My Carbon Coach began with a passion for environmental conservation. Armed with an environmental science degree, Tim, the shop’s founder, made a decision to start a business focused on promoting sustainable living. With minimal market research but a heart full of determination, the shop opened its doors to Taunton.

My Carbon Coach's introduction to Miniml came through social media. The values of the brand aligned perfectly with My Carbon Coach's mission: affordability, circularity through refillable containers, and vegan-friendly products. It was the perfect fit.

Expanding the Offerings


In January of the following year, My Carbon Coach expanded its in-store refillery to include a selection of Miniml refills. The initial product offerings included laundry liquid, washing up liquid, and white vinegar. These additions resonated with customers, drawing their attention to the circular and waste-free system Miniml offered. Over time, the range of Miniml products in the shop expanded, and pre-filled glass bottles were introduced, making it easier for customers to start their refill journey.

Reducing Plastic Waste

One of the remarkable achievements of the partnership between My Carbon Coach and Miniml has been the significant reduction in plastic waste. Through the refillery, customers could refill their containers repeatedly, whereas the shop owner could send the bulk refills back to Miniml for cleaning and refilling. This closed-loop system dramatically minimised the plastic waste generated by the shop. While it became challenging to keep an exact count, it is estimated that the shop has saved hundreds of plastic bottles, with each 20-litre container providing approximately 50 refills.

Customer Favorites


The Miniml Rhubarb and Lemon Washing Up Liquid emerged as a clear customer favorite in My Carbon Coach's product lineup. Customers appreciate its unique scent and the fact that it stands apart from supermarket offerings. Notably, the affordability of Miniml products compared to leading brands in supermarkets is a significant selling point. Customers are genuinely enthusiastic about Miniml's circular system, recognising its genuine commitment to environmental sustainability.

Transforming Communities


The partnership between My Carbon Coach and Miniml exemplifies how a shared commitment to sustainability can drive positive change in a local community. Through Miniml's circular and waste-free system, My Carbon Coach has not only reduced its environmental footprint but also empowered its customers to make more eco-conscious choices. The success of this collaboration serves as a shining example of how eco-friendly brands can support and uplift small eco-entrepreneurs on a mission to create a greener world. As My Carbon Coach celebrates its second year, the shop continues to assist Taunton in its journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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