We Are Miniml

Founded by Emma and Scott in 2020, we have set out to change the way people consume cleaning products. We are not just another natural cleaning brand; we are a movement to do more with less. Whether you are refilling your bottle with one of our refill containers or visiting one of our refill partners across the UK, we want to ensure that every bottle we sell gets re-used time and time again. Join us on our journey to make the world a cleaner, greener place to live!

What Is Miniml?

A behind the scenes look at how Miniml reduces plastic. Returnable household and personal care products delivered straight to your door.

Our Values

Beyond the Bottle

Meet Emma and Scott who are dedicated to ditching waste from your household!

Closed Loop System

Order your Miniml starter kit.
Refill your bottle.
Return your empty refills to us.
We clean and re-use the empties!