The Winter Blues Buster: Tidying Up for Mental Wellness

Hello in the mid-winter gloom! As the chilly winds persist and daylight seems as rare as a sunny day in the UK, there's something more to consider than just snuggling up under blankets.You might have heard that for some, cleaning is “therapeutic”, but did you know the state of your home directly impacts your wellbeing too? In this blog, discover how a clean home means clean mind and let us charge you up with some cleaning motivation for the week!

Solution to Your Winter Blues: A Clean Home


Studies have consistently shown that a tidy home can work wonders for your mental health, providing a warm and welcoming haven against the winter doldrums. One study discovered that those with cleaner homes reported lower stress levels and a greater sense of overall satisfaction. Who knew a bit of dusting could be a happiness hack?

Non-Toxic Cleaning: A Breath of Fresh Air

Before you grab that cleaning spray, let's talk about toxins. We may not have snow to worry about in winter months, but the air inside our homes can still get a little stale. Maintaining a good air quality at home is a must for physical health and mental wellbeing. Ditch scented candles and opt for nasty-free cleaning products to ensure a breath of fresh air without the harsh side effects. Ingredients, such as VOCs caused by burning candles, bleach, and ammonia are not only bad for your lungs but can also cause frequent headaches and migraine attacks, reducing your comfort at home.

Natural Cleaning Solutions


White Vinegar has been a staple cleaning product in households for decades for a good reason - it’s versatile and easy to use! Create your own DIY recipes or use a range of Miniml White Vinegar for a clean home with no nasties. Choose from a range of naturally scented or unscented vinegar to get rid of stains and keep your laundry soft, and your home smelling fresh for days.

If you don’t have time to create your own cleaning recipes, Miniml offers a range of natural cleaning products for the whole family, made with plant-powered goodness and 100% natural scents.

The Creative Mess Conundrum

Now, let's address the age-old question: does chaos breed creativity? While creative people might feel ideas sprouting easily with endless projects lying around, there is a theory that this way, it’s simply easier to avoid solving a problem when difficulties occur by distracting yourself with a new project. While the image of a cluttered artist's studio might be romantic, studies suggest that a clean slate can enhance your cognitive abilities.

Yes, creative minds might thrive in a bit of disorder, but there's a twist. A study in Psychological Science found that a clean environment can actually encourage innovative thinking. So, while a creative mess might birth ideas, a tidy space is where those ideas can truly flourish.

Harmonising Chaos and Calm

Think of a clean home as the canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of your creativity. A clutter-free environment allows your mind to focus, strategise effectively, and make decisions with clarity. This is the secret sauce for a sound mental state.

The Anxiety Alleviator

Clutter isn't just a physical obstacle; it can create mental roadblocks too. A study from discovered a direct link between clutter and heightened stress levels. So, if you find yourself tangled in mental chaos, a cleaning spree might be the perfect antidote.

Wellness and Strategy: A Clean Duo

A tidy home isn't just about banishing dust—it's a strategic move for a healthier, more focused you. An organised space facilitates better decision-making, improves your ability to prioritise tasks, and contributes to a sense of accomplishment.

Quick Tips for Maintaining Zen This Winter

  • Set a Timer: Dedicate 15 minutes a day to decluttering. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in short, focused bursts.
  • One-In-One-Out Rule: For every new item you bring in, bid adieu to an old one. It's a simple way to prevent accumulation.
  • Share the Load: Turn cleaning into a group effort. Not only does it make the task more enjoyable, but it also strengthens the bonds in your cozy sanctuary.

In the grand scheme of mental well-being, a clean home might not be a magic potion, but it sure is a good start. So, grab that mop, turn up the tunes, and let the cleaning therapy commence, because winter blues have no place in a tidy space.

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